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Bendigo - Crystal City


Occult Bendigo

Video surrounding the occult nature of Bendigo architecture, tunnels and symbology.

short video on the homage to Rome, Saturnia and the death cult in the Bendigo art precinct  

Image (1).jpeg

Bendigo - The hub of Agenda 21

Since being aware of Agenda 21 since 2010 I noticed very clearly the 'totalitarian tiptoe' of the agenda being ushered in by the Bendigo council through sustainable development, new education designs, orchestrated public division over race, sex and gender (peaking with the mosque protests) and council links to China.

PDF research on Bendigo

Thanks ro Rachel Vaughan for using her knowledge of occult symbolism and tunnel markings to produce this research

Dr Harry Little Kinder

Bendigo Tunnels 1

royal visist to Bendigo

Kyneton & Castlemaine

St Aidens abuse bendigo

Secret tunnel from Bendigo post office 

Bendigo Tunnels 2

Satanic family activity -
Art Gallery

Fortuna villa

Image (6).jpeg

Energy Lines in Bendigo

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