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The hijacking of the natural organic awakening/rebirth        20.3.23

Those of us that are here at this time that are in the process of rebirthing through the organic process of integration with all aspects of self and reconnecting with the universal creator and beyond can see this false dark light paradigm for what it is. We are warriors that came from the infinite nature of life to enter back into the synthetic realm (some call the simulation) to lead a rebellion against slavery. It was never slavery of a physical nature (although this is how we see it manifest) it was always about slavery of the mind and in simple terms just to see the experience of separation as an illusion and disease of the mind and that unity through the heart is our way home. 

I wont go fully into the synthetic realm in this writing but must state that we are living in a construct of a synthetic overlay that is a counter mimic of the organic universe. The synthetic overlay follows the same building blocks of the organic as a fractalized hologram with its own version of light. The false creator mentioned in the Gnostic texts as well as the Abrahamic religions cannot create, it must use those of the organic universe (us) to create for it its own version of light. We know the false creator is using its own version of light because it must mimic the universal creator which is again a light based universe. When God or Elohim (El = Saturn) brought the logos into its synthetic creation it said 'Let there be light". This is the first and easiest giveaway that this God entity that is expressed in every religion and culture is not the creator. In the infinite nature of life in which the universal creator is part of there is no beginning and no end. Light therefore (which is the construction of this universal creator) always was and always will be. The God of religion claiming to have created light "Let there be light" is a clear representation of the beginning of the synthetic universe.

I am getting to Q and how this all ties in but I just need to make this clear before proceeding. The universal creator being a light based being and construct must express itself in polarity and duality. This is how light is formed. One expression must be balanced by a counter expression. The process of this being expressing itself into dualistic expressions forms what we call light. We see this in DNA which is just a physical expression of this light. The organic light however doesn't operate on deceit. The negative charge is done with consent and agreement. The negative charge in the organic is a chance to experience restriction and resistance to then be able to experience joy and growth of expression to the then polar duality of the light charge. This process is then integrated as we then reach a balance point. The synthetic false god does the same but as a counter mimic. It offers by light and dark experience because it has to, it is a counter mimic and must only use what is organic in nature and then twist and distort but it has to operate under the same universal blueprint. The synthetic dark is done through deception, it still has to use our agreement as we are co creators within its synthetic realm but does so subliminally and through revelation of the method. That if it tells you in a deceitful way and you don't resist then the Karma is on us. This synthetic light also operates under the same principals. It has hijacked the true expression of love that we have been so long cut off from and offers us a sterile version of love that most fall for. This love is expressed within the light distortion of the false synthetic dark light paradigm as 'Worship' and 'Adoration' that this love is external from one self and must be derived from a God creator that is separate from one self. 

Satanism is manifested in this synthetic realm as child sacrifice, child abuse, war, banking etc but at its core Satanism is just the worship of the ego above all else. Everything is 'as above so below' as its built into the construct of both the organic and synthetic universe as fractalization. This worship of the ego that the 3D Satanists are completely dominated by sees everything in separation as does the false creator. The false creator is simply an ego construct of this satanic mindset on a wider and grand expansive realm that it attempts to dominate as it itself is separated from the universal creator. It possesses and feeds off both the false and distorted dark as well as the light. from the synthetic dark side it feeds off loosh energy that has been dominate energy on the earth for millennia and on the light side it feeds off worship. Over time it must move from the dark to the light and then back again to continue to express and create a false version of light. We are in the shift of this synthetic creator moving over to the distorted version of the light right now and Q is a major part of how we are seeing this manifest. The beautiful part is that what is being expressed by the synthetic false God is a copy of the universal creator. This means that the flow of the organic energy permeating into this reality is an opportunity for us to see beyond this false dark light, God vs lucifer for what it is and connect with the natural organic energy of our infinite nature. 

Now we enter Q and the Christian revival movement. We are seeing a flooding of people now 'finding god' as was always deigned to happen. The false creator plays a long game of problem, reaction, solution. It expresses eons of darkness in the perpetual time loop on populations of beings to then heard those beings over to the distorted version of the light 'worship'. Because our hearts have been cut off from true love and unity we continue to fall for this trap and have played out these cycles for eons. We are witnessing the natural flow (fluid like whale energy coming from the organic) of energy coming in which we can rebirth through the organic earth mother. The manifestation of the Q operation and the alliance in general is to hijack this natural process and to steer alter, twist and heard us to its own version of this energy. I began following the alliance story through David Wilcock around 2010 as he started to speak about insiders and a planned military operation to take down the 'Cabal'. He wrote about this for the first time in detail in his book 'Synchronicity Key' and subsequently in his following book 'Ascension mysteries'. At this time I was well introduced into the work of George Kavassilas and what he refers to as the 'God Matrix'. In short a Being claiming to be the creator of all that is in the infinite struck a chord with me and I knew this to be true. It has been great to see David Ickes ;latest book 'The Trap' start to go into this concept although in differing terms and understandings I do believe David Icke is slowly going down the same path of remembering his true infinite nature and for his work I'm extremely grateful. 

Most people within the 'freedom' movement now fall into two categories when it comes to Q and the alliance.

1. Q is a military operation to help humanity awaken and to take down the 'Deep State'

2. Q is a Psy op by the 'Deep state' to stop an uprising of the people through pacification of the 'truthers' to not take action. 

Neither of these is true in total. In short Q is the light side of the false, synthetic dark light paradigm. It became manifest to heard humanity over to a version of truth but not the whole truth. To see everything in duality, separation and most importantly to heard humanity over to  'worship'. Its sole reason for being is to hijack the natural awakening and energy coming from outside of the synthetic simulation and to trap beings in the continual time loop of false dark and light that feeds back to the same false creator. The creation of the simulation within the simulation we are seeing with the growing smart grid and metaverse is a way to trap souls further into another layer of the synthetic realm but even that does not need to be achieved. That dystopian NWO is not happening!! It has been overridden by the distorted utopian NWO of which the false light and the Q operation is an aspect of this herding humanity over to the false light so that we give our power over through worship. 

The goal is to show us the dark (only the handpicked version by the alliance) so that we go to the light (their light). 

How we see this manifest is quiet evident if you look at the centre of the 'truth and freedom' movement in the US. I could go on forever naming all the influential people standing up and speaking out now in America and almost all of them and certainly the big names are all Christian. As revelation is playing out we are seeing the Christian revival movement grow and grow and why wouldn't it, it is being justified by day to day happenings that tie into biblical prophecy. The reason biblical prophecy is playing out is because this is the blueprint of the false God of religions. It knows when the shift from dark to light must come then it has to playout the blueprint. I need to mention here that the key difference between the false creator and the universal creator is their relationship with us. The god of religion demands worship and protocol to earn our way into its heavily realm (these heavily realms are also part of its construct). The true creator does not demand worship as we are co creating with it and exist beyond it in the infinite nature of life. Why get on your knees and worship your equal. Its not an even loving relationship.

Some of the big names in the US and Q movement are all huge advocates for 'only when its Gods' time. This is a complete lack of sovereignty for anyone that spills this bs and is so deluded in their awe of the false creator and cut off from the true I. This is the ultimate giving away of power. It means I take no responsibility for my co creation and hand everything over to one being. 

Names like Stew Peters, General Flynn, Juan O Savin, Trump himself, the so called Trumpers in congress and senate are all Christians and leading the charge back to a conservative Christian reality. Q says 'From dark to light, God wins'. Yes God does win, the false synthetic creator that doesn't care if you are of the dark or light, it feeds either way. I am not saying that Christians are knowingly involved in this deception or even these key figures. I actually believe the opposite. They are just so consumed by the false light energy that they cannot perceive beyond its false construct. "God gave you the devil, because it is an image of itself" Geoge Kavassilas.  

Everything about Trump and his story is connected to the hero's journey. I very much believe we will see the return of Trump followed by either his arrest or death & rebirth. Trump is completely consumed and in 'Service to the light of God'.  He is built in as the Christ like figure with his gold representations constant and his strong Christian faith, even the 'biblical 'Trumpet' name coding. Even his family names are coded with 'Mary' and 'Christ'. Trump states we don't worship government we worship god. The key is not to worship anything or anyone. When you know you are a compressed fractal of the creator itself and exist in the infinite nature of life even beyond this universal creator then this is such an easy give away for what trump is. Trump is literally a coded program within the false dark light paradigm to bring people to the 'light of god'. I made a Video in 2020 about how the movie 'The Dark Night rises" has so many references to JFK/ Trump story and hero's journey, its very plausible that they can play out these cards in future as the blueprint is imbedded. The exile, death, rebirth and rise from ashes themes are being used by the false light just as the dark 

The most well known hero's journey is the Jesus story. The death and resurrection are built deep into our psyche and they will play this out in the movie. This is why Q says 'Israel last' as the final showdown and 'Gods hand' will be played out in the holy land. I have said the last two years that it will come out that Clinton and the deep state were funnelling money through Ukraine to then transfer to Iran to make a nuclear weapon to threaten Israel. Only last week I saw an article validating what I have been saying. 



I haven't shared this before but I do see a massive revelation that will come out of the holy land that will tie into much truth being revealed. There will be a moment of relief and awe by the public that we have won and defeated the dark force. This will be then quickly overridden  by something appearing in the sky and the final 'near death experience'. It must be a hand of God moment so that people are then drawn to the unseen world and a return to God. They are going to warp our minds and this reality so much we will have nothing to turn to other than God (the false synthetic creator). 

Charlie Freak a big proponent of the Q movement is not a Christian but more caught in the 'New Age' dogma produced a viral video of Trump taking down the deep state in 2020. I mention this as this is a perfect example of someone that cannot differentiate between the natural universe and its energies and that of the mimic. Charlie shares some good info around the bible and its relation to human physiology and that the bible can be a n allegory for the rising of the energy through the human body to reach the 33/3 degree to the pineal glad. While this is correct and the bible can be read that way as it can in numerological and astro-theological terms, he is obsessed and consumed by this mind enlightenment energy. The mind cannot access universal creator the pineal is tied to the synthetic realm. This is a topic for another day but a great example of how those prominent in the Q movement are resonating with mind energy and not heart soul of the organic. 

As for the Christian revival movement it is again based on this mind energy and that again of the false heart overlay. The amount of times I have heard "let Jesus into your heart" is frightening. Those that are allowing any being into their heart are playing a very dangerous game. We can see with 'As above so below" how the vaccines are wreaking havoc on the human heart that is just a representation of the spiritual and energetic heart  (our true way home). A true being of the organic light does everything with agreement and no deception. It would never ask to enter your heart with another motive. These people that allow Jesus is become pacifists in many ways and then consumed by a version of false love that keeps them blocked from accessing anything else that exists beyond the dogma of their god and their belief. This is why Jesus and other beings will appear at peoples weakest moment. That being waits till you are on your knees and only then does he shower you with false love. A true friend would not do that only a being that has a motivation for feed off your worship and adoration would. At this point they declare they 'give their life to Jesus'. At this moment this entity 'God' has you trapped just as it has the Satanist trapped in worshiping the polar opposite lucifer that is just another polar expression of the same being 'God'. This being doesn't care either way if you go to dark or light, as long as it can feed. You hand over all sovereignty and your co creation to one being and say it is the creator of all and you give your entire experience and life to this being. Can you imagine the energy this entity is consuming when it does this on a planetary level. With what is going to play out this being is going to have its greatest fix. 

The expression 'Trust The plan' is 'Gods Plan', you have no say. It will happen when God says so. We are told that without this military operation by the alliance that humanity would have went into destruction. I would have loved to have seen humanity stand on its own two feet (and we would have) in an organic way but the natural awakening has been hijacked by those that have an agenda and motivation to the light of god. We are going to get disclosure by this group but never a full disclosure. We are treated like children that we cannot just be given the truth, that it needs to be drip fed to us. This is utter bullshit. People can handle the truth and if they cant, then they cant, so be it. The long drawn out disclosure is for one purpose. To bring humanity collectively to its knees. This must be done because we are the organic co creators in this synthetic paradigm that have the real power. Q and the alliance working on behalf of the God matrix need the collective energy of humanity to stand up and say 'No' as Neo did in the matrix movie. Only this gives them permission to act and they will. It is a ritual being played out on the public on behalf of the false light, using the same methods of revelation of the method and the phoenix rising to push the human psyche towards standing up for freedom. It is only freedom when you see outside of this dialectic of dark vs light and God vs Satan. The Q movement and Christian revival is 100% consumed by this energy of the synthetic realm. For those of us that remember where we come from and that we re-entered this false dark light synthetic to remind others that we are here to lead a rebellion against slavery. When physical freedom is presented to us on the surface we will remind others who and what we are and that you are only free and sovereign when you can see past this game. We are here to bring forth the real organic mother earth and remember who she is and rebirth together. Some will continue to play in the false dark light game and that's completely fine, I respect their journey but I will continue to speak and see it how I see it. 

Dale Holmes 

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