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Telegram Videos 

Collection of some Telegram Videos (not on other platforms)

pride mural - orchestrated outrage
counter agendas (Feb 2023)

King of Misrule (Dec 2022)

externalising the hero  (Feb 2023

We Are Infinite 

AI Assimilation - Synthetic or Natural World

'Voice of God' Tech (Aug 2021)

Birthing Tree - Central Victoria - Aug 2021

Gosford Glyphs  (Dec 2022)

Canberra Camp Epic - Feb 2022

Chris Uhlmann confronted about pedo cover up 'mulligan enquiry' (Feb 2022)

Crashing Dan Andrews in Bendigo

Dan Andrews AI Clone

Election Night 2022

AFL, Culture Creation, Marxism

Global language Attila Flink (Jan 2022)

Rushworth, Site of Ritual Abuse (Sep 2021)

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