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Whale Dreaming

This is story of the whale coming in as a comet. This to me ties into the cosmic story of Maldek, the water planet that was destroyed to create the asteroid belt and the refugees that’s came to earth from the stars. the whale sings with the alignment of the planets that just occurred.

Pine Gap - Alice Springs

Abstract Surface


Child Abuse & Cover Up in NT

SRA Jeanette Archer


Survivor / advocate Rachel Vaughan 2020

Adelaide Tunnels Rachel Vaughan

SRA in Victoria

Full Moon Saloon Talk

Full Moon Saloon Talk

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Full Moon Saloon 

Weekly Red Pill night ran by owner Zan is one of the best examples of spirituality in action. More than just a great local bar food venue its an amazing community.

If you're in Woodend drop in and support a great local community business

Julia filmed my talk and we did a follow up interview below


Melissa Kupsch - Homeopath

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  Homeopathy courses
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Shrine of remembrance (decodes)

Cosmic Gateway Videos 

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