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Beyond Dark to Light
course Intro 

March course sold out
next will be Winter
running new course with Madeleine Doherty STE in June



Once you have signed up to the course you will be sent email to open access to the course page and telegram group

This course is for those that are serious about learning and sharing and want to go to the core of who and what we are. We are told we can't know these things? We are told humans are at the bottom density of reality and need to ascend. 

We are promised an awe and wonder 'New World' 

We are told 'God Wins'

Whos is God? Can that be known?

Is God the Creator? But if i'm an infinite how can God be my creator?

Why are we seeing the rise of the 'Christian Revival Movement'?

While I have played a role in exposing the dark occult agenda that is in its final days, and I have seen the importance of playing that role, its time to look at the greater picture. The distorted Dark occult is only one aspect of dark light paradigm that seems to be the entire focus of most within the sovereignty movement. As everything we do in co - creation is 'role playing', some of us now are shifting our focus to tackling head on the polarity of the dark/ light paradigm and seeing a shift towards the focus of the distorted version of the light and a long game of 'Problem Reaction Solution being played out in what has been referred to as the 'daily circus'.

The daily circus is exactly that and as intended, we are witnessing the warping of our reality when everything is going to come into question. None is greater than that of DOGMA. If you are willing to go through the process of challenging all dogma in all its forms then come and join. This information and the remembering of who and what we really are is the most empowering knowledge and remembering that opens the door for real freedom and spiritual sovereignty

Pre Course Videos 
have you exhausted everything you need from perpetual time loop Ouroboros

course will cover


  • Nature of reality - holographic universe

  • we are walking universes

  • reality compressions

  • the pendulum swing &herding of humanity 
    synthetic dark light paradigm

  • saturn/ moon matrix

  • God and Creator are not the same

  • the ripple effect of the universal being

  • Dogma and the biggest lies

  • Christian revival movement

  • understanding Satanism

  • intention, resentment & Gratitude

  • remembering the future 

  • Uluru

Problem, Reaction Solution on Grand scale
The hero's journey blueprint 
Messiah programming (externalising the hero)
The New Age and Religion 
Q / Alliance is not what people think

how the greater agenda is playing out in culture and geopolitics
physical freedom and spiritual freedom / as above so below
what SRA really says about what we are
co creation and self responsibil
How alternative medicine explains the holographic universe and compression
paranoia of controlled ops - what that really says about the individual
trauma response of the truth movement and initiation


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