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Dale is an Australian speaker that has been driven to make his voice pubic after years of studying the the global cult and their agenda. Dale  worked as a Teacher in both Australia and abroad, specialising in working with disadvantaged and disengaged youth. This role guided his passion towards advocating for children and exposing the systems, people and dark forces has failed them. His motivation to speak publicly was based on natural Lore principles and honouring the missing component 'Action'. What knowledge we obtain and wisdom we have, we MUST share. I have  focused on understanding evil and wanting to know the core genesis of this evil. The pursuit of understanding evil led Dale to the polarity of love through asking the big questions. Who are we? What are we doing here? What is this reality?  Where are we going? 

Dale has spoken at events such as 'Anarchapulco', 'The Non Conformist Series' and 'Tartaria & Beyond'.  He has been an advocate and supporter for ritual abuse survivors as well as exposing the surface level agenda playing out currently. Humanity is in the transition phase of breaking a long held collective victim mentality that is now demanding we stand on our own two feet. Many of us were doing the work in the years and decades prior, while now we see those that have been in slumber are having to go through the process of initiation collectively, at rapid speed. Dale therefore also sees his role to keep one foot in, exposing the surface level agenda while also keeping a pulse on the universal scale of what is really taking pace here and now. As walking universes, there is no greater power than understanding who and what we are. dale is  deeply grateful for all the role players and co creators that are here at this point and time. To remember our own sovereignty on all levels and to start acting that out in the physical world is what we are here to do.  

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